Over 30 Years Of Proven Excellence

We offer our clients both professional and administrative staff support ranging from construction managers, design/value engineers, systems engineers, construction scheduling experts, construction loan disbursement analysis and control, and mediation of construction and development disputes.

CM&D’s mission is the relentless pursuit of excellence in execution through leadership and constant value creation. Through this mission, CM&D identifies our clients’ needs and objectives, and utilizing our wealth of experience and resources develop an optimized strategy for execution and successful completion of the project.

At the core of CM&D’s philosophy are two fundamental goals which drive and shape our approach to construction project management. These fundamental goals define our project delivery systems. They are, (1) Maximizing the Return on Investment for the Project, and (2) Minimizing Risk associated with the Project.

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CM&D offers a unique blend of project and construction management services to national and international clients, managing the construction risk within their real estate developments.

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For the past 30 years, Construction Management & Development, Inc. has been providing comprehensive development and project/construction management services throughout the United States and the world with the purpose of mitigating potential risks, protecting our clients’ investment and maximizing their return on investment.